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April 14, 2004
EasyMoblog 0.5 released

EasyMoblog 0.5 is out!!

We strongly recommend to upgrade to this release!
It includes a lot of bug fixes and new features.

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April 14, 2004
New team members!

EasyMoblog project is growing up: Giamas and Serial are now part of the development team.

Go to "team" page for contact info and details.


March 25, 2004
A blog about EasyMoblog

The brand new EasyMoblog MetaBlog is online!!

You can follow the development and the work for next releases on the new EasyMoblog MetaBlog, a weblog mantained by the EasyMoblog team (and, obviously, the metablog is "powered by EasyMoblog")

Check it out:


February 22, 2004
EasyMoblog 0.4.1 is out!

I strongly recommend to upgrade to this release!

This release fixes the following bugs:
- a bug in pop3 disconnection that caused problems in posting new messages
- a bug in file inclusion path caused errors in the batch script

Previous versions had some problems if used in conjunction with Microsoft Internet Information Server.
This release fixes that.


February 15, 2004
CoffeeBreak: new blog powered by EasyMoblog

Coffee Break is a collective weblog powered by EasyMoblog 0.4.1
Me and my friends meet there for a coffee break :)
The site (Italian language) shows a presonalized layout. Posts are sent through a big variety of devices (including a Nokia 3650 smartphone).


February 3, 2004
New site

EasyMoblog web site was completely redesigned!
Please send your feedback to ubik [at] easymoblog [dot] org


February 3, 2004
EasyMoblog 0.4 is out!

EasyMoblog 0.4 is available for download.


January 28, 2004
New team's member!

We welcome Odd Nydrén, new member of the EasyMoblog team!
He will help EasyMoblog mostly with beta-testing and interface design.