Join the EasyMoblog staff!

You can help the development of the EasyMoblog project in one of these areas:

  • PHP development
  • translations
  • documentation
  • interface design
  • beta testing

If you are interested in being involved in the EasyMoblog project, please contact:
ubik [at] easymoblog [dot] org


Even if you're not a developer, you can help EasyMoblog development with your feed-back!
Please send your comments, features requests etc. to
ubik [at] easymoblog [dot] org

EasyMoblog is a non commercial project

EasyMoblog was born as a personal project, but I decided to release it to public for free (see license).
Now the project is growing up, but I will always distribute it for free; by the way, you can donate some money to the EasyMoblog project: ALL DONATIONS WILL BE USED TO PAY WEB HOSTING for EasyMoblog demo and EasyMoblog MetaBlog. We should consider to buy a new Web domain for the project with received donations.
You should also visit my Amazon Wishlist and buy something as a way to contribute to the project.

Umberto 'ubik' Caldera
EasyMoblog project admin